UAID is pleased to announce open leadership positions on the UAID National Board of Directors: Director of Chapters, Director of Community Projects, and Director of Management.  If you are interested in social justice and are looking for a leadership opportunity in public health, please apply below.  Preference will be given to those who are currently interning with the UAID National Board of Directors or hold a leadership position in a UAID chapter.

Deadline: 11:59pm on April 8th, 2018

All Directors
- Must be able to commit 10 hours per week to the position
- Must commit at least one academic year to the position (summer 2018-summer 2019)
- Report to the Chief Executive Officer
- Supervise a team of 1-4 interns
- Work remotely
- Organize and lead weekly meetings with their team (this includes scheduling the meetings, creating the agendas, recording and sharing notes)
- Attend and contribute to bi-weekly Directors meetings
- Attend and contribute to monthly Board meetings
- Attend and contribute to meetings with members of the Board of Advisors ad hoc
- Review applications and interview for internship positions
- Review applications for new chapters
- Must be passionate about public health and willing to learn
- Must have the following skill set: strong leadership, collaboration, communication (verbal and written), organization skills

Director of Chapters
Purpose: The director is responsible for supervising the team of interns in aiding the chapters in their development and growth. This is in addition to meeting with your own chapters and helping with their development by setting short and long term goals with the chapter presidents that they will execute throughout the semester.
The selected candidate will:
1. Lead weekly meeting with chapter team interns
     a. Review updates with individual chapter’s progress
     b. Review any pressing issues with individual chapters and develop ways to best address those issues
     c. Develop topics of discussion for calls with chapter presidents
     d. Supervise interns to insure they are doing job effectively
     e. Document notes of team meeting
2. Meet with chapter presidents at a mutually agreed upon frequency
     a. Assist chapter in developing methods for membership recruitment and retention, funding, and events
     b. Develop short term and long term goals with chapter to be completed throughout the semester
     c. Document notes of meetings
3. Create agenda for chapter calls
     a. Work with chapters to come up with topics specific to the chapter to discuss throughout the semester
4. Get feedback from chapters
     a. Send out feedback surveys to chapters to assess what was helpful to them and how to improve productivity of calls
     b. Use feedback to develop revised agenda for calls to improve productivity

Director of Community Projects
Purpose: The Community Projects Director is responsible for overseeing management of all community projects. This includes providing feedback on each community project and troubleshooting issues that chapters have in completing all steps of their community project.
The selected candidate will:
1. Lead weekly team meetings with Community Projects interns and resolve issues relating to individual projects and proposals.
2. Review the status of all community projects on a monthly basis.
3. Manage UAID’s online training modules on
4. Update the community projects resources as needed
5. Send end-of-semester surveys via Google Forms to chapters for feedback about call topics and overall project guidance from the National Board
6. Evaluate funding requests for community projects with the rest of the Community Projects Team
7. Fulfill the same responsibilities that the rest of the Community Projects Team members meet, which includes meeting with chapter Community Projects Liaisons every two to three week (or as mutually decided on)

Director of Management
Purpose: The Management Director is responsible for supporting the external and internal functions of UAID National Board. This includes managing the organization's marketing, fundraising, and strategic partnership efforts.

The selected candidate will:
1. Draft and disseminate annual report
2. Maintain UAID website
3. Post relevant public health topics on Facebook and Twitter
4. Collect and analyze metrics for social media pages
5. Connect with public health professionals via LinkedIn
6. Connect with UAID chapters and members
7. Share professional development opportunities (i.e. webinars, trainings, grad school info)

The selected candidate will:
1. Create a budget for UAID
2. Search for, write, and submit grants
4. Develop and disseminate donation letters

Strategic Partnerships
The selected candidate will:
1. Form partnerships
2. Identify and interview potential advisory board members
3. Facilitate meetings with advisory board members (this includes scheduling the meetings, creating the agendas, recording and sharing notes)
Additional skill set needed: grant writing experience, marketing experience including social media 

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