UAID Leadership Testimonials

Nicole Mair Headshot.jpg

Nicole Mair

University of Maryland College Park UAID Chapter President (2014-2016); UAID National Board Director (2016-2017)

“Through UAID, I was exposed to the idea that community service should be directly informed by community needs, and enacted in partnership with the community itself. I also really appreciated the emphasis on sustainable and socially responsible work, so that the efforts would have a much stronger impact and be more meaningful than the one-and-done, checkbox type of activities that many other student organizations participate in. Now, I've carried these same public health ideas and principles with me as I work with new groups in medical school to enact programs that aim to improve health outcomes in the local community.”


Stephen Kane

UAID National Board Director (2014-2017)

“UAID strengthened my understanding of population health, the healthcare system that I work in, and the daily social factors that shape my patients’ lives. Without this space for growth and being able to challenge my understanding of health, I don’t believe I’d have the same perspective and drive to work with the population that I’m currently working with. For example, the community project model that UAID developed is the foundation that I use to understand impact in the correctional health outreach group for which I’m involved.”


Rory Moore

UAID National Board Director (2016-2018)

“UAID gave me the foundational skills that were pivotal to my success in my Master of Public Health program. I’ve been inspired by UAID to continue being a community health activist for LGBTQIA+ individuals and to be an advocate for reducing racial health disparities and inequities. UAID has also given me the inspiration to one day be an executive director of a public health nonprofit.”


Yaacov Schneider

Yeshiva University UAID Chapter Co-President (2018-2019)

“UAID has helped us make connections with leaders of several community organizations, as well as with the congresswoman of our district. We conduct preliminary research, interview individuals, meet with local government officials, and hold events in schools, shelters, the streets, and on our own campus. Through these connections and our Chapter’s contributions, my understanding and awareness of the public health issues and community needs surrounding our campus has deepened. It’s evident to anyone exposed to UAID that we’re not just about the talk, nor are we about trying to look impressive. Rather, our primary focus is plainly and entirely public health.”


Helena Bui

Yale University UAID Chapter President (2018-2019)

“Because of UAID, Yale students have been able to act as true participants of the New Haven community. The interactions with local organizations and leaders have humbled students and made them deeply aware of their community. I think the focus on New Haven makes UAID unique, in the sense that you’re working with and for the community instead of working above it or dictating it. We don’t come in ready to execute our idea, but instead foster collaboration that allows us to explore what the community needs and help members achieve solutions.”


Youngjae Cha

John Hopkins University UAID Chapter Co-President (2018-2019)

“As a Baltimore, MD resident, I’ve been able to realize that not everyone has equal opportunity to access healthcare or obtain healthcare that’s of quality. The training modules offered through UAID helped me associate this with specific public health terms such as inequity and disparity, so that I can better communicate my experiences and knowledge with others.”